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MEME MARKETING: What an Evolution?

The term “meme” has received considerable attention in mainstream culture and brand management. Memetics, the study of memes’ most valuable commodity, is available on the World Wide Web. Richard Dawkins invented the phrase “meme” in his novel “The Selfish Gene” in 1976 to illustrate how ideas transform and spread throughout civilizations. When the Web linked the globe’s edges, the interaction of cultural artefacts became more accurate.

It’s difficult to say when current memes first appeared. We understand that they began gaining traction in the early 2000s, thanks to venues like 9GAG. The rise of social media platforms helped to accelerate meme society. So it’s not uncommon for a guy to be sidetracked.

However, memes aren’t merely for making people laugh by mocking their actions. Instead, they may be effective marketing strategies for organizations looking to increase interaction on their online platforms. Meme marketing is something that companies should think about.

Use of memes in Marketing

Memes are primarily about making connections, as they are about being funny. Companies can create social networks, though for a limited time.

Imagine the Bernie Sanders mittens parody from last year, which made headlines. In a socially tumultuous time, it enabled people to feel good, share a joke, and act as a unifying factor.

Companies, of course, seek to elicit a similar reaction. Generating hilarious images on a consistent schedule and capitalizing on current events can assist in entertaining the reader, building a sense of identification, and even encouraging brand awareness.


Business marketing has the disadvantage of having poor interaction. No one likes to see branded items on their page.

Instead, viewers like to skip over the cheesy commercials and get back to their regular entertainment. Meme marketing, if done appropriately, can be highly effective.

It goes beyond the necessary branded material and conveys helpful something. Memes are effective for marketers since they are created expressly for social networking sites and give fun and excitement.

How to use Memes in Marketing?

The importance of meme marketing is obvious, but how can you make this happen? You have two options: use a preexisting meme or create your original.

  • Memes can live for a lengthy moment or a couple of weeks. Companies must pay attention to the surroundings to know what’s happening to exploit a preexisting meme accurately. Of course, you must also guarantee that your material is unique, that it is hilarious, and that you fully comprehend a meme before employing it.
  • Make your meme if you don’t like to use one that already exists. This is harder to accomplish because it isn’t a well-known meme. If you draw your decks well, the advantages of developing your unique meme can surpass current memes.

What are the rules?

There are specific rules that you should keep in mind before you move into the field of meme marketing:

  • Make sure your company’s vernacular is up to date by creating an intelligent native write and share memes. If you do not really, the viewers will recognize that you’re attempting to be trendy, and your business will suffer.
  • Not attempt to make a meme that will resonate with everybody. Alternatively, get to identify the target audience and respond to their preferences.
  • Certain memes will be around for a long time, while some are only popular for a short time. So if you’re going to use a preexisting meme, make sure it’s current. If you’re going to make your own, make sure it’s in the correct media environment.

Memes aren’t only for entertainment or college graduates. However, they can be an essential element of your promotional campaign if you implement a few simple guidelines.

Use meme marketing to gain a foothold in the imaginations of your fans while also expanding your company’s impact and visibility.

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