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In today’s digital age, Instagram has become a powerful platform for influencers to showcase their lifestyles and connect with their audiences. Ahmedabad, a vibrant city in India, is no exception to this trend. In this article, we will explore the top 14 Instagram lifestyle influencers in Ahmedabad who are making waves with their engaging content, aesthetic visuals, and impactful storytelling. These influencers have built a loyal following and are shaping the social media landscape in the city. Let’s dive into the world of Ahmedabad’s Instagram sensations!


1. Heena Somani (@heenasomani)

Focusing on beauty, skincare, and fashion, Heena is a go-to influencer for all things related to self-care and personal style. Her detailed product reviews, makeup tutorials, and style inspiration make her a trusted source for beauty and fashion enthusiasts.

Heena Somani


2. Riya Turakhia (

Known for her vibrant and eclectic fashion choices, Riya fearlessly experiments with colors, patterns, and unique fashion accessories. Her bold and fearless style inspires her followers to embrace their individuality.

Riya Turakhia

3. Saloni Mehta (@yourstylewarder)

With a passion for fusion fashion, Saloni, a renowned Celebrity Stylist, effortlessly blends traditional Indian wear with modern elements. Her unique style and ability to experiment with different looks make her a favorite among fashion enthusiasts.

Saloni Mehta


4. Richa Dave (@richa_dave)

A beauty and makeup expert, Richa shares her expertise through tutorials, product reviews, and transformative makeup looks. Her creative flair and passion for beauty make her a trusted source for beauty enthusiasts in Ahmedabad.

Richa Dave


5. Sahiba Arora (@sahibaa15)

A fashion entrepreneur and designer, Sahiba showcase her own clothing line, providing her audience with trendy fashion choices straight from her brand. Her entrepreneurship journey and fashion-forward designs inspire aspiring designers and fashion enthusiasts.

Sahiba Arora


6. Gaurika Rathi (@gaurikarathii)

With a keen eye for detail and an enviable fashion sense, Gaurika curates visually stunning outfits that effortlessly blend elegance and modernity. Her feed is a source of inspiration for those seeking chic and trendy fashion choices.

Gaurika Rathi


7. Hirva Mehta (@blogft.hirva)

A trendsetter with an eclectic fashion sense, Hirva fearlessly experiments with colors, patterns, and unique clothing combinations. Her bold and vibrant style resonates with fashion enthusiasts who seek to make a statement through their wardrobe choices.

Hirva Mehta


8. Ruju Desai (@ruju_fitness)

Ruju is a fashion and fitness expert influencer who combines her passion for fashion with her dedication to promoting a healthy and active lifestyle. As a fitness enthusiast and wellness advocate, she shares her fitness routines, nutritious recipes, and motivational posts to inspire her followers to prioritize their well-being. With her expertise in both fashion and fitness, she seamlessly blends stylish workout outfits with practical fitness tips, showcasing how fashion and wellness can go hand in hand. Her commitment to a healthy lifestyle serves as a source of inspiration for her audience, encouraging them to embrace a balanced approach to fashion and fitness.

Ruju Desai


9. Raveena Tekwani (@raveena_tekwani)

Known for her impeccable street style, Raveena effortlessly blends high fashion with urban influences. Her ability to create stylish and relatable looks makes her a go-to source for fashion inspiration among the city’s youth.



10. GeetArsh Kaur (@namak_aur_kalimirch)

Geet is not only a model but also a talented storyteller. As fusion fashion enthusiasts, she effortlessly blend traditional Indian elements with modern fashion trends, showcasing her versatility and celebrating the beauty of cultural amalgamation. Her ability to create harmonious fusion looks is a true reflection of her unique style and creative vision.

GeetArsh Kaur - Top Influencers of Ahmedabad


11. Mahima Iyer (@tastingwithfingers)

Known for her mouthwatering food posts and culinary adventures, Mahima takes her followers on a gastronomic journey through the city. Her expertise in food reviews and recommendations has earned her a reputable position as one of the top food influencers in Ahmedabad.

Mahima Iyer


12. Ayushi (@purpleclutcher)

A travel aficionado, Ayushi transports her followers to breathtaking destinations through her visually stunning travel photographs. Her wanderlust-inducing posts and insightful travel tips make her a go-to source for travel enthusiasts in Ahmedabad.

Ayushi J


13. Priyanka (@priyankafit)

Whether it’s showcasing the latest fashion trends or sharing workout routines, Priyanka seamlessly blends fashion and fitness to create a harmonious balance.


13. Shivani Joshi (@ishivanijoshi)

Step into the world of Shivani, a remarkable fashion influencer who effortlessly merges her passion for fashion with her successful career as an architect. With a keen eye for aesthetics and an impeccable sense of style, Shivani has captured the attention of audiences.

Shivani Joshi

Ahmedabad boasts a vibrant and diverse community of fashion and lifestyle influencers who have successfully carved a niche for themselves on Instagram. These top 14 influencers from the city continue to captivate audiences with their impeccable fashion sense, unique styles, and inspirational content. Whether it’s through fashion, beauty, wellness, or interior design, each influencer brings their own flair and creativity to the digital realm. As social media continues to evolve, Ahmedabad’s fashion and lifestyle influencers are at the forefront of setting new trends and inspiring others to embrace their individuality.

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Disclaimer: Please note that the following list is not a ranking, but a compilation of exceptional fashion influencers of Ahmedabad who have successfully bridged the worlds of fashion and lifestyle.

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