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Vadodara, a city rich in culture and flavors, boasts a vibrant food scene that is celebrated by numerous food influencers. Here, we highlight the top 12 Food Instagram influencers in Vadodara who are capturing the essence of the city’s culinary delights. Follow them to stay updated on the latest food trends, reviews, and mouth-watering recipes.

1. Shruti (@hungryshruu)

Shruti’s Instagram is a feast for the eyes, filled with beautifully curated food photography and authentic reviews of Vadodara’s best eateries.

2. Dr. Payal (@foodculture_vadodara)

Dr. Payal blends her passion for food with health insights, offering followers a unique perspective on healthy eating and indulgent treats.

3. Shilpi Sharma (@myexperiencediaries)

Shilpi Sharma showcases a variety of local and international cuisines, providing followers with detailed reviews and engaging food stories. She also shares her own cooking experiments and recipes, making her feed a perfect mix of culinary exploration and home-cooked goodness.


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4. Shubh Sharma (@wanderingshubh)

Shubh Sharma’s account is a go-to for innovative recipes and reviews of the latest food spots in Vadodara, making it a must-follow for food enthusiasts.

5. Chetna & Samiksha (@_midnight.cravings)

Chetna & Samiksha, a dynamic duo, take their followers on a culinary journey through Vadodara, sharing their experiences with a dash of humor and charm.

6. HET SHAH (@eat_happy_vadodara)

Het Shah focuses on the hidden gems of Vadodara, bringing lesser-known but equally delicious spots to the forefront.


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A post shared by HET SHAH (@eat_happy_vadodara)

7. Shubhangini (@bliss_is_food)

Shubhangini’s feed is a delightful mix of home-cooked recipes and restaurant reviews, perfect for those looking to explore both sides of Vadodara’s food scene.

8. Pathik Thakkar (@flavours.of.vadodara)

Pathik Thakkar combines his love for photography and food, offering visually stunning posts that highlight the best dishes in Vadodara.

9. Jahanvi & Prarthana (@vadodara_foodiesisters)

Jahanvi & Prarthana, known as the Vadodara Foodie Sisters, provide honest reviews and culinary tips, making them a beloved pair among local foodies.

10. Joohi Patel (@joohiie)

Joohi’s Instagram is a treasure trove of gastronomic adventures, featuring everything from traditional Gujarati dishes to contemporary culinary creations.

11. Trisha Pandya (@fullonjunk)

Trisha Pandya offers a delightful blend of food and lifestyle content, with posts that inspire and satisfy food lovers in equal measure.


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12. Heeya Shah (

Heeya Shah captures the essence of Vadodara’s food culture through her engaging posts and stories, making her a key influencer to follow for food enthusiasts.

By following these top food Instagram influencers in Vadodara, you’ll be up-to-date with the city’s latest culinary trends, hotspots, and hidden gems. Each influencer brings their unique flavor to the table, ensuring that your feed is filled with delectable inspiration.


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Disclaimer: Please note that the following list is not a ranking, but a compilation of exceptional fashion influencers of Ahmedabad who have successfully bridged the worlds of fashion and lifestyle.

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